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Bengali Poetry —Poet Arun Mitra (ঘনিষ্ট তাপ)

Recognized by a shadow light

Where you sail me

speedy flows of the river is day’s tide

Boat is shaking

The road is season’s out of season

nursery plants are half spoken with petal’s

Have to step mile after mile

Then the horizon

In the alien blank sky

cottage of star are twinkling

Moonlight is not in this portrait

All are sleeping by a wall

a land of dew and rain drops?

Where you sail me

to a heart a heart is speaking

High pitch to an octave

is the string’s

dark  is all the nerve’s are

Some echoes of word’s are

on the night’s top ?

Where this goes from  an immortal

tweet’s of bird

Twigs are calm but responding

A waiting of burst of a sunlight ?


Sorry is not over it is a gear up to sentence the fault one have committed mercy may follow abuse recorded.and punishment is  powerful in a judgement True  but reconciliation is more powerful  to make an order in orbit.

A Slogan of Peace.——Translation of a my poem from ( বীথি ও কস্তুরী )

An arrow which is near may shot me

to reverse it I also take an antonyms

to feel an unknown I also collect, synonyms

With a bouquet of flowers

Please mention why we die

What the reason behind a shot

without can explain these stuck to birds

captive the cause, may

asylum are mere to grow

lesson is to mark

lesson of creating a meaning.


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