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Joy and sorrow

খুব একটা সহজ নয়

কষ্ট কে প্রকাশ করা

অনুকম্পা , ভালো লাগে না

খুব একটা ভালো লাগে না

সুখের কথা বলতে

কথা টি আমাকে ছোট করে 

It is not so easy

To express , pain

Pity , is not a favor

It is not comfortable

To , report a joy

Word , make me feel a little , too 



Meaning of fire I know as work , the sacrifice of the resource to fire give us the most important thing , that is work , the verb of our wisdom .

When we sacrifice , that energy turns into fire , boost a great to that object , and work out of that resource is to do a great job .

Who can work , fire can work , it is the blood to living body , so , fire and work is intertwined .

When fire get hurt , become furious , work sacrifice all of its tenderness to fire and this effect of love is a great work .


মা , বাবা , তোমাদের সন্তান

অপূর্ব , বল , তোমরা

কেউ ছোট নয়

তারা , দুর্গামি

এই কথা বলে সাহস জুগিয়েছে

একটি আশীর্বাদ

আমি আর কী ,

পথ চলি ।

Mum , Dad , your children

Are, splendid , you say 

No of them are insignificant

They are a , distant runner

Your words are courageous

A blessing

Who is I am ,

Also a path goer .


One is not a wealth , multiple , at least two are the wealth , they can make a decision , stay healthy and happy with the situation.

One is a monk , sage and the light to himself , to express the inside of the light to other , need the multiple or one more .

Wealth is to be use , user should be there , this is wise to the a , capital formation 

Wealth should be intended to ignite the best thing out of the resource to the people that , have the opportunity to do more wealth than before , a great work for a continuous support to come .

More hands , heads , hearts and minds is the wealth of us .


প্রথমে নিজের কথা শোনা

দেখা যায় অনেক সত্য ভাষণ

সাহায্য করে থাকে

তারপর তোমাদের কথা

মন দিয়ে শুনল এই আমি

কত যে উপকৃত

আজ ঠিক পথেই হাঁটি ।

First , I listen to my word

Have seen the more truth

Helps a lot

Then your words

With the great meditation I am hearing

This is a good education to do

Today , following , the right side .


Only logic behind the number is counted and then we have a look at the results , every days business from a simple vendors to that of buyer’s remorse to numerical calculation but all have the opportunity to do the business , arithmetic is our day to day life to run with the watch , day and night , travel to the point to another point , counting the value , weight  money , area , people are the details of the arithmetic is deal with it and we can get promoted in the mathematics , to live , a life , better .

Goal , never be forsaken 

যখন একটি ও রাস্তা থাকে না

অন্ধ গলির সামনে

পিছনে ফিরে আসতে পারি

সময় পার হয়ে গেছে বলে

দেখা দেয় সে

পরাজয় নয়

একজন নতুন অশ্বারোহী ।

When not a single road is in front

Facing the dead lock

Only can get back to past

Alas ! Time never come back

No war have lost

A , new rider , have born .