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Morning is far away and birds can also failed to tweet be as sun becomes metal and birds are a toy without a life. Sorry you dont pretend that you are lives rather than a robot.Every one of this world are now pretending than behaving.I support you or not you the mephistopheles is now to curve the soul to body earthen to metal.Energy muscle and splitting to star dust may have this earth goal but my cry for love will never die. As I believe in “Tagore” in grass in dust the impression of kissing will be there,lives will again win whether you believe in or not life is only the mentor of these spheres.

NARAYON never sleeps he is now in insomnia because HE swallowed the HONEY and can never back to the bitter though he feels better than anyone where is the wrong so as to many eternal soldiers have to die to supporting HIM and you ignorant can never understand for these martyrs only wheel  overcomes all those friction.


More is just difficult to handle to carry and gives an opportunity of waste.Some hunger should have to, for a longing, an urge.From the very beginning solar system and the spheres are simple either they will die, any disbelief complexity muscle can not help other than destroying himself or herself

I think strong RAM RAHIM is same RAHAMAT kind.I don’t believe a harsh this may tramped an own child,So go “slow” “Sheikh Sadi”

an accuracy truth has found in many an in accurate may miss the target if so dialogue fails and disorder unrest and crying orchestra roars. Fire is not the only word healing care and soft mud are also there, equation come, sister you don’t cry your brother has a cause of restrain please forgive me if I do any unjust,Sister please give your brother a courage to carry a load.An humble respect to my sweet sister.Yours Earnest.

“Rhymes, an effort to aware my child”—XIV Rabindranath Tagore.

My bird you please come

You! Who have a long tails

I would give you

Rice,  Popcorns.

You would find your foods,

Your work have


and Giving a good sketch


a loving child.

“Rhymes an effort to aware my child” Rabindranath tagore VIII

My child, is sleeping,all of we are in silence

robber enters

birds pick up all the wheats of the field

How I able to be bail out?

Wheats are lost,beatles are finished

How I can be indebted?

Please wait  some more days

I sow garlic

in the field of hope.

Displacement,The Diaspora

I think nothing can a rest an absence may have.I also believing in returning home.Sweet home.Stars are always talking minimum have egoless more have egos.but a wellwisher have trying his best to sublime.pray and making an galxy “SERVITUDE” (At your service SIR/Madam /Specless and who have no definition)

OK! Rodin’s “THINKER” does try to lift HIS head HE is trying  to give thought after thought throughout the spheres.Michelangelo try a better to define beauty and Ramkinkar Baize explain the rhythm of Santals family Tagore’s painting are speechless but more vocabulary.I have no words for them just a bow and all the creators to.My mentor Van Gogh And Henri matisse told me that an honest draw never dies.I am also indebted to my younger brother Debaprasad  who gives a blind marry a made give her respect for the sake of youth.


Mohenjodaro was civic body sinks to mud some fossil had remains but bloods are still running.Mesopotamia also try his better to gather knowledge and push the wheel forward.China(Mongolians) whose siblings were in Europe  in ancient Inka Rule–(-the Red Indians-)–Howain also and EGypt the torch bearer of Africa  The Greece where from today’s Europe, Wheel did not stop cities palaces ruins to  and after all Human are alive

Now a simple Rule man can lend Two things only

1) Knowledge. Any one should give this without expecting any returns(AS described in each and every  script,

2) Wealth—There must have to be a return either principal or with the interest

Some moral I have found  from these Sruti and script

1) Socrates When about to swallowing the poison He advised His wife to left the room and don’t forget to return the money for that borrowed Hen,

2) indian thought don’t give anything to a full—Bishnu Sharma

3)Parable—Jesus gives three gold coin to three separate person.

After more days over Jesus met all of these three person,one told Lord I have made your coin in a multiple Jesus said well  keep these and go on. The second person said alike but third one said Lord I kept this intact Lod said give this back.

4) Do not give a Zakat to some one who does not mean it.Al Quran

So it is the financial canon If I  a have not I must have to borrow  capital but I would have enough strength courage and confidence to give it back as Socrates wife never give a chance to that lender as Rishi Debendra Nath Tagore also do for his father Prince Dwarkanath Tagore(Rabindranath Tagore’s grand father) For my sake i have confidence to give you back my lender.Sorry for this inception.


Ball is spherical easy to play easy to roll.Different balls are here to play with various game.So as all of the cosmos are playing with joy and defeat.When one loss Titanic sinks in too deep of the ocean.Partisan relatives neighbour all cry with violin.We the viewer shocked down whether it is in Iraq Syria Kuwait Tunisia. It is our defeat we promise and come back with another ball to play with and install him again in the same orbit again as we know we never ready to accept a defeat.

Our head is also a ball so as to we also a tiny celestial body of this over all cosmos and our role is also a part and an important role to play.This is a thought which can able to expand HIM like a vast galaxy(Upanishad) or a tiny insect(Franz Kafka).


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