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Source: Beautiful



We are lover of beauty .

Beauty help to remain clean physically and in mind .

Beauty give us light , energy to stimulate us to run another day .

Beauty is in word , speech , picture , music , physique and in the chemistry of mind .

Life of plants and animals is beauty around us .

The celestial bodies , sky is a magnum of beauty and divine .

Above all beauty in human relationship Is a flawing river .



Source: Marriage


Without a bond an atom is not in a position of persisting .

Without a marriage a family does not persist .

Marriage is the main force behind a new birth .

Love help to marrying and love is only cause to stay and obeying an order .

Butterfly is beautiful in color and their metaphor is a meaning of marriage too .


Source: Waiting


Patience is the key of waiting and without a given time none can reach a destination .

Meditation help to remain in peace in every turmoil and that silence keeping is important for any fruitful result .

Making a hurry more time give a wrong answer , a patient look is cool and make a better result .

Before a happening everything is uncertain , so prayerful waiting give calmness and a peace to soul and that happening become a routine matter , spontaneous also .

We know that we never wait we are involve in each moment but a day has stepped in after a night break .


Source: Presentation