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Source: Friend


May be from own sex may have from opposite sex ,but first they are to be human in  moral  and flaw of love in between them is like to be a river .

Who have knowledge , and aware of dark and light in a character ,  can be be friend because who can defend himself can defend other .

There are no single human who is other side of a partisan if they born to faithful to truth may have a friendless but obvious truth are their party .

Parents , teacher , philosopher , guide are friends to all , their guideline is only a knowledge but who can learn from these are said to be a treasure  receive from a great friend .

Don’t feel this mean , husband wife and their children are the natural friend .

Our pen

Source: Our pen

Our pen

If it is might ,muscle is not there , a vision and stroke from light to overturn the dark is here .

Pen is more than a dialogue , a script for centuries .

Pen can sketch a future and can exactly write the present .

If pen betray the owner of the script writer’s soul this is not a writing , and can’t impose any value nor can give any light to the readers .

Our pen is the untold story of mankind , which is now we are telling .


Source: Film


Is a photograph of an object .

At least light should be there .

One clear film try to give a true story .

A complete darkness avoid to take a film .

Mind is not cent percent present in a film , this snap is just for fraction , so all the color , the darkness , the light is not can be taken in a single film .

And we are not all the time find a raw film , what we have seen is an edit version .



Source: Buddha