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Flower fruits etc and we

Source: Flower fruits etc and we

Flower fruits etc and we

From Srimoth Bhagavath Gita, chapter SankhoZog, this is clear that we can’t posses the results. Result is only for the coming age, we only the doer and the good deeds are the best.

From folk lore we, come alone go alone, we have not any other belongings to carry but our soul.

Flowers, fruits are that nature from whom we get another day, longings.

To wish something must be honest, an honest never die.

We worship our works and the results are those orientation.


Source: Moments


Fragments after fragments, splitting after splitting, portions after portions moments are bonding of chain.

Death and alive are also in a sickles, memory and present is this civilizations.

We cry, we laugh, strings of moments are without those resonance.

Fruits are nothing, moments speaks some truth.

Moments only obey to, love.


Source: Name


This is a definition, sometime we able to or fail to define correctly.

When we define something, this is acted like that, the force of all calling attributes to match that meaning.

Our name we also utter more and more in silence in inside and get the result of the meaning derives from that name.

Actual the thought process is actual to the meaning we arrive.

Whether the name of the character, the essence come out only from a inner self.


Source: Fiction