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Manuscript is in discipline

Manuscript is in discipline.

Manuscript is in discipline

May be it is that

This love,labour

busy with the study

all day long

this man.

A distance at far

an evening field

is calling

after ringing of the

school closing bell

there is a space


an intimate conversation.

A compromising hymn

A compromising hymn.

A compromising hymn

An ending music has sung

by this setting sun

His tune is calling

sunk and sunk

in her

dark womb

What an wonder!

A promising Sun

gallops to from the ocean

Between her dark womb

and word of this promising sun

an inter sewing is

these days        and nights.




Look beyond

an urge has just sold to a peasant

Who is obliging to a thought

may reap in the field of


Look is the light

and blind is the blind

A vision has just impressed

And the horizon has reopened.

New year 2015

After a break,

after a sunset a day

peeps to earth

with colour, shade, and hope.

A state will emerge

from ruins, war, decay

pain wil be submerged by relief

and a step is true to

your doors,


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