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Some talk some conversation

Sound could not be killed.

Those more, who also survive are

wind,fire, storm and the soil.

Who believe that they kill a man,

they lives in fools world.

Humanism is far a away from the grave.

From a grave a star has freed .

After his rebirth he forget to take revenge.

From the being

presence has not be taken away by the time.

He is alive

.Mommies who are sleeping,

in a silence they awaken,

recollect their memories.

My painting—Untitled—- on group exhibition of painting held at City Centre from 10 to 14 may at Agartala, India

10419493_891105044284567_1024140468422451659_n 11017531_891105757617829_115888021298915916_n 11140271_891106364284435_4789545417799132779_n

Art Exibition



11182260_883800711681667_885102995235024901_n (1)

Eyed in Shillong


A colour.

A colour..

A colour.



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