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My poem ( Cat )

সন্তর্পনে বলিলে বিড়ালের কথা মনে হয় । এইটি তাহাদের সিদ্ধিপ্রাপ্ত । আবার শীতলতা ও উষ্ণতা দুইই বর্তমান বিড়ালের চরিত্রে ।

নীরবতা তার ধর্ম পালন । বিড়াল তপস্বী বাগধারায় ব্যঙ্গ আছে । মনে হয় বাঁচার মধ্যে অংক থেকেও বড় নিজেকে ভালোবাসা । উনি নিজেকে ভালোবাসেন ।

When one say about secret , cat is an instant . This is their strength . And coldness and  warm is both in their character .

Silence is their religion . Monk Cat in this word a sarcasm lies . This may that in living love to oneself is more important than the math . Cat love himself also .


All seasoned

At the time of surviving one have to consider the environment and then to be accustomed with , this may help to do better surviving .

In Sri mod bhagovot Gita one word is like this in pain and joy one would be in same vein .

With all the way a path to take and then a goal to achieve , that the mind to be accustomed .

Thank the Lord and set up the journey , the spring will be follow .

My poem ( Beautiful )

সুন্দর বলিলে চরিতের কথা মনে হয় । যেই ভদ্রলোক চরিত্রে সুন্দর তিনি তত বেশি অলোকময় ।

গুনাবলী শুধু মানুষের কাছে থাকেনা , সবার ভিতরে আছে । বেশি থাকিলে কদর ও বেশি ।

না চাহিলে যা ধরা দেয় তাঁহাকে লইয়া যার লোভ বা হতাশা জাগেনা তিনি বার বার প্রাপ্ত হন । একদিন ও এই প্রাপ্তি তাহাকে পীড়া না দেয় যদি তিনি আরো বাঁচেন ।
When one say about beauty , character is in the mind . Who is more beautiful in character is more shine .

Characteristics is not only with human , a nature’s phenomenon . Who have more have a great choose .

Who have no demand but get and no urge or a feeling of getting lost it has a continuous flow of reaching . And , if it is not a pain people are the long living .


Living body has temptation .

To express love to someone else is born by the feeling of  ones edges .

Involve or ignore brutality is the person responsible for delivering or compromising with a situation where blood pressure directly on the inside metabolism of a body and mind .

That person who is free from instinct and obey work with all the best wishes are somewhat a capable of resisting a temptation .

Temptation help to live and if it goes against may be a disaster

My oil pastel work

Dignity of work

Every single work has their dignity and performer of this work is dignity holder .

When work done with a person is the one who should get the right honour . If any humiliation to the worker be done this will hurt the environment for the worker .

Beautiful the hearts deliver the good appreciation also beautiful the hearts mould a work better .

Dignity is vague only real behavior persists .

Worker is nonetheless but all of the we .


Which one don’t repeat exactly is unique .

With the scripts the following link is an example , writing goes on moment , past future present the first time is that they have heard about .

Memory is not stoppable though everytime they miss out the copy .

A proverb is there proposition and disposition is not in the steps .

Monotony is an example when it is overcome only for an unique .