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Buddha > feelings ,  knowledge , wisdom , light .

Human arise , awake through their inner searching of soul .

Be kind is the greatness of a human .

Human born  again and again in single life and every birth he take is the result of their living in yesterday ,give them more light , more wisdom .

Learning and attitude of learning give human the freedom .

By birth

Source: By birth

By birth

A fault

A goodness

All are after a long path

Come to a new beginning .


We have more

We have a little

How will be able to live

they know ,

They have learn from trees

from the sky .


You may have proud of your blood

May think this is your possession

But when and how they flooded by

dust sand you don’t know .


This is true

That birth take place


What have been  now become possible

Is for you

has  to be acknowledged .


White paper

Source: White paper

White paper

We demand that thing which has the meaning .

A white paper is blank , no written word is there , demand writers attention .

A white paper is an womb where life take the birth .

White paper demand a meditating soul who utter hymns .

White paper is the entire space where matter and life  is stationed .

Don’t copy any script , write only from your hearts .

Self contentment

Source: Self contentment

Self contentment

In Hindu philosophy God project himself in many form and I’m here just telling about forms and the impact and the relation .  Fish is a form , relations are water from which life begin , God is omnipresent and whatever the form is . Pig , how ugly he is but God never feel sorry to wear that body .  God is omnipresent whatever insignificant they may be and the proof The Vedanta The Upanishad explained already that in all the forms or formless existence of life is present . Matter and life have not any separation they altogether have take any form spontaneously and which are spontaneous have no pain .

Who have submission and respect to all that come to our way have gain strength , we observe that who ignore are fools and who accept  the knowledge are powerful .

Those who only have knowledge are happy and never die .