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From the birds eyes 13 ( পাখির চোখে দেখা ১৩ —- Poet , Sunil Gongopadhay From his poetry collection বালুকণার মতন অসামান্য — একটি “আনন্দ” প্রকাশনা )

July 10, 2017


A four to five years boy , laughs loud

running also , breaking these and those , thrown that too .

Space and time is observing him , minutely .


In each flower there is a dyeing factory

otherwise , where from they find these colors ?

many insects , beasts also are colorful

Only , why humans are fading

Is nature can’t understand our pray for , beauty .


A teen age is sitting in front of a deep pond

in this noon here is no one .

A deep pond , this noon

A teen age is sitting , none is here .

In this cloudy , silent noon .


A deep love is in these hearts

this time a walk , by giving this .

I’m in a try to find out , you

coming nearer to windows , softly I speak

Morning dew , you take , all these of .



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