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Four of my poems from “Sworuper Vitemati” ( “স্বরূপের ভিটে মাটি” হ’তে )

July 8, 2017

Music world (গানের ভুবন )

Sometime song may sprouts from all

Opening the hearts , opening the throat .

And , the mistrust , have fading away .

At the way ( পথের মুখে )

At last this home coming

Looked in to you with my face to you

Have seen

I’m in front of an own  journey .


Wave of generations  ( প্রজন্ম স্রোত )

An own journey

Is from many voices .


An wave

Is from many droplets .


At the changing state (  পরিবর্তিত বোধে )

Flags to be fly from the land

House , room are inside .

This has been observed

Our architects are changing

As the flags are also make colors by a thought .



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