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Black and white

April 7, 2017

Positive and negative are the two sides of a electronic body or of a life or of a matter where molecules are playing and whichever is in visions are living and others are nonliving and there presence are in disguise, presume to be dead.

Life and lifeless are just the definitions, all are existing and their presence where in life full body is thought  be  touchable and where these bodies are when becoming an insignificant, invisible, out of reach are dead, lies in past.

We follow that night disappears to day and day disappears to night,that picture develops and picture sinks too.

All the believer who lit a light in inner body can travel a dark night likes a mine driver in to deep and deep.

Light is the fire, knowledge, soul.

Darkness is the mother’s womb where from a  mystic sprouts up, a new face, facing him in light.


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