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Epic Mahabharata, Bible and global warming .

November 9, 2016

Human memory lies in between this earth and universe.

Story of Mahabharata

  1. Sun’s another name is ‘Biboswan’ so his son’s name is ‘Boiboshwot Manu’. Once when Manu is in the bank of Chiruni river a small fish  comes to him and pray to place the fish in a better place for survival. Manu was kind enough and obey .He took the fish to a small tank .  Fish is becoming more and more big in the meantime Manu also help that fish in tank to Ganges ultimately to ocean .With gratitude fish express this view that this Earth become a dead look and all the earth land will be be submerged by water and no one can escape. So You make a big boat and carry all the seeds talked by Brahmans along  with all the sages. Fish also promise that to sail that boat with the help of the horns of him to safe place.
  2. This is so happened and that fish anchored that boat in Himalaya and acquaint Manu That Him The Brahmans and advice to regenerate life with the seeds that Manu has carried .
  3. Same story in different version in The Bible where Nu-ho with his family along with the seeds and lives-stock of this earth navigate that worsen history with a boat and anchored to Middle East’s Ararat Mountain and save the earth.
  4. Every year this Mother Earth’s temperature is raising and civilization is have to a better answer.

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