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Translation of My poem ‘You filled all that tenth directions’ ‘দশটি দিক ভরিয়া আছো’published in my poetry collection সান্ধ্য উৎসব by Bhasa publication Agartala in January 2010 by me .

October 20, 2016

You filled all that tenth directions


Toiled himself in prison that circumstances may happen to any one

If only, person, sleep, obesity dwells

Only living by extravagance human can attract insomnia blood pressure hormone injections

So i involve to crime and punished .


Human only could disturbed with illness ,capturing a more happiness and their wish to imprisoned a beauty also

Poor I’m ! Wish to get your touch both in illness and happiness too .At the time of reaching beauty i should not be alone , by ignoring I may perished also .


A known fact no roads are straight . turns to a turn . Also innocent puffed himself with the mud and with him that corrupt beds ,when they awake again they steps with a same rhythms. all of our life is with them even the direction of light are also ridiculous , mirror to mirror they got scattered .


Who are modern, to judge , all they are towards ocean like rivers , being tired when in static feel drowsy and again awakes, could feel  hunger , these appetite thirst vision involve to memory of bathing by rain pour in fields and forget all that heart brakes .


Father unaware of personals only invite  to follow the text  we also opens the languages, books are only the future are a phenomena but books are open though all the word are lifeless , number and letters only, in front Is The God , frame less!


In the afternoon we used to say , home a nearer . Also the night will also come , a cold , dark with all her shadows then we will cross that black bridge to stepped in our  Ananta’s Home !


In dream flowers are absent , think they would torn out even at that dream may , a truth ,birds we have seen, to catch him ,flew all , in dreams  thousands of stars have seen cant reach that ,they a far away .


To remove all the pain some inhaler we need , mind forget the sorrow , overcome all those illness . We don’t know our mind , sometime feel embarrassed though we marry the thought .


To visiting the idols we enter in to the walks of people , these idols are colored with their desire . These walking  humans are going as they like . Praise is for that molder by whom urge these hundreds of flowers blossoms.


In this good bad and worse our time touches our sleep awaking and the death , when we are sleeping forget all when we are awaken bodies stained by memoirs and death are unknowing facts ,an ancient night , may also even after a presence of sun rise  are here .


A dark black we have often observe in mind then a thinking is running to recall the light also if we get his hands we will puss back that dark black , blind will got the vision , Oh! You are covering all these tenth directions .











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