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My explanation to The Rig Veda Samhita(Mandala I—Sookta 1)

March 11, 2016

Sookta–1-Rishi: Madhuchanda Waishwaamitra; God –AGni (Fire ) Metre: Gaayatree.


Who performs, The performer of the Act, The invoke r  of The Gods,The giver of all his best deeds To God Agni (Fire).

(Fire burnt everything no one can escape either purified.)

God Agni(Fire) who is praised from ancient to modern Learner is The cause of all the happenings.

Agni (Fire) is the Father of all the life.

Agni you always side you for the righteous.

Agni,The truth, may please come with all the gods to fence the righteous.

All the day and night we come to You with devotion and salutation.

We find protection of all the Truth from You The Agni.we salute You and we disobey all of our darkness and able to illuminate The little Soul.

Fire you the support for all The righteous, You The Father.



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