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Goblet (pOem by mE)

December 18, 2015

Is it possible a rebirth in this present life ? Winter has call me, all the fallen leaves of the tree also speak an absent,like weeping.

One day blood come out from cutting leaps, a salty life, waves of ocean breaks on the beach,his roar also,to embrace is a great urge, it is in increasing mood, this is a come back, I call Him rebirth.

Greatness is his will.A passing out from the room and a meet with the impossible.

Sun is a great student of mathematics, I have spoken my beloved to care him, he will be great.This deep shine mesmerised and be drunk me.

I sold out all the books even that golden ring. a gift from my elder sister.Blankness was then words, love is with her only.Bravo the courage,could not able to fill the infinite space.

Alas! this dream,rise has meet with a fall,has also beaten up, and before this death I have awake up. You Brutus!

In His birthday Father has gone to divine, love is His call.don’t abuse Father, this ocean has filled by foam,goblet is showering  full.




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