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Be published (A prose by me)

December 3, 2015

This is become important to read history.Now,we are forgetting our past.If we forget our past how we are stands to back.Also tomorrow is the next the page of the today.News of that pages will be published tomorrow.

We are from the past centuries by whom we nurtures on. It is the rule, ball is to be rounded, century also lost to coming centuries.This time we are a need for a epic writer who will depicts that picture.

How is this world, don’t know sitting by this remote. Experiencing like as blind expressing  view by a touch to an elephant.We know that is not the truth.

Road will always turns toward another road, all the time it may not happen, blind lanes also is waiting. That time it is inevitable to back to the old road.That old city is rediscovered.From that old city that road clinch to our heart,towards the great glove. Many people left this city left behind a far.If they come back and again face a blind lane that is a beginning of a new look. This city becomes the origin city of this earth.

You are introducing and at the inner of the house many doors are reopen and you stand yourself in front of many portrait.By keep mum you able to draw you.This face is a total of many portait.From a photograph many faces will be again rediscovered.

Daylight will publish everything it may not happen.Some facts lies under a mask,within the darkness of the night.Our mind is eager to know that Him.



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