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July 16, 2015

A man how to be dissolve in the water,how to be he watch the crime, homicide,rape and a painful death of humanity Who is the answer should give HIM the Challenge, I doubt in any way animal reigns in any where in any way of the cosmos or beyond of a scene because they are carnivorous they eat each others meat.SOUL, which are perplexed , blind never help them to give a chance to escape from elimination. MOTHER FATHER brother sister wife in-laws child’s grand childs Beggars,dishearten and all the shadow give no chance to those animals to have them.They are wise from TIME ETERNAL and glove which we are imagine can also to be imagine are creation of all these members,they respect each other,no glory no pain is involve only joy,only joy ANANDAM meeting of touch of these soul are spreading through,spreading through all the  HORIZON, I can’t help you,you animal Because I LOVE THE SOUL NOT THE flesh.

LU SHUN find himself disgraceful as JESUS when the wise open the window of an slave and he calls ROMANS to punish HIM

I have no cause but to sail a boat to green and HE is not me me a soldier are not fighting alone for you.As IQBAL QUOTE AND ALL THE FRIENDS OF ME NEVER EXPECT A SALUTE FROM YOU OR ANY DISPLACEMENT FROM THE TRUTH.

SITA has eloped,raped,hanged,burnt and we are mere a spectator,panchali also, we too

only my rest of life is in promise to give you land.where are you, subhas debnath, VAN GOGH ? Sunil left the life being seen  a left footer goal from below deep centre line.

You RAtri DEB BARMA this was only a meet but my desire never find a glass of water from any where but Sima.DESIRE I FORGET FORGET THE THIRST ALL THE SWEETS I LEFT ASIDE I WANT ONLY A NEW EARTH, WHICH IS MOVING IN A SPEED OF THOUGHT,even any can imagine. THIS IS MOTHERS  URGE URGE oF AN FLEXIBLE TWIGS to sprout again.

WHo have present there MANY MANY BIRTH many of Dark fond again to HIM, THE CAUSE and THE BABY BABIES PEEP THROUGH their eyeBALLS AND  STARS get their FOUNTAIN,OH! MY BEAUTIFUL UNIVERSE.NO chance again to miss kindergarden.

After this long,miraculous patience I take birth from death to life again and again I don’t know the happenings,MOTHERS LABOR

ONLY there are a eager wait of FATHER



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