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July 8, 2015

RAINER Maria Rilke Charles BAUDELAIRE  Jibanananda DAS have believed that word have specific Gravity Though Rabindranath Tagore Nazrul Islam Sukanta Bhattacharya WHITMAN NERUDA ELLIOT SAHAB EZRA POUND Nirendranath chakraborty Shankha Gosh Sunil Sakti Utpal Al Mahmud Samsur Rahaman and  even from ancient philosophy to all the HOLY script And and many Though I read but forget the name from my memory But never forget their beautiful essence MY OMAR KHAYYAM MIRZA GHALIB and many  many voice of discoverer as a tiny discoverer i am Subinoy DAS Arup Dutta Jafar Sadek, SOSO THAM NILMANI PHUKAN NABAKANTA BARUA  JOY GOSWAMI NILIM KUMAR SHARAT THIAM MY SEPHALI DEB BARMAN CHANDRAKANTA MY elder NANdA  KUMAR DEB BARMA KALYANBRATA SHANKKHOPALLAB SAWAPAN SEN GUPTA DIBENDU NAG RATUL DEV BURMAN NAKUL ROY RAMESWAR KRITTIBAS SANTOSH AND  my mentor MY ELDER SISTER POETESS AJITA CHOUDHUrY  Elder KARABI Deb BArman APARAJITA ROY HIM The Sali Krishna Bijan krishna  and looking to her beauty ,Pancali debbarman my clouds of thought  has give an utmost try to feed MY PIGEON, MY WHITE PIGEON.

ritwik ghatak in HIS  film REASON DIALOGUE ANd THE story depicts the continues of  the journey of mankind he has fallen like a tired human but HIs flag never down HIS head never give a chance to corrupt a soul.Socrates was WARRIOR BUT NEVER GIVE A CHAnCE TO CALL HIM COWARD accept the poison JESUS also PUSHKIN WAS KNOW THAT THIS WAS UNEVEN DUAL BUT HE accept, LORKA CAN ESCAPE BUT NEVER say franco the compromise,  so so dialogue is the truth never give a chance to poisoned corrupted  the EARTH.MOTHER THIS is THE STORY ETERNAL as the father EINSTEIN ( My DErivative   AAIN—-means LAW  (IN BENGALI) STAIN —-means the Tenacity to bear (PATIENCE—IN BENGALI) that is the Story THe rule breaker may have forgiven but how many times   there are many many ruling  in all the HOLY SCript but never forget to punish even HER (MOTHER) CHILD).


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