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July 7, 2015

“O your hair”, he said,

“It,s like rainclouds

moving between

branches of lightning.

It parts five ways

between gold ornaments.

braided with a length of flowers

and the fragrant screwpine.

“O your smiles,

your glistering teeth,

words sheer honey,

mouth red as coral,

O fair brow,

I want tell you


listen,stop and listen,”

he said, and stopped me.

Came close

to look closer

at my brow,my hands,my eyes

my walk my speech,

and said searching

for metaphors:

Amazed,it grows small,but is not the crescent,

unspotted,it is not the moon.

Like bamboo,,yet it is not in a hill.

Lotuses,yet there is no pool.

Walk mincing,yet no peacock.

The words languish,yet you are not a parrot.”

On and on he praised my parts,

With words gentle and sly’

looked for my weakening

like a man with a net

stalking an animal.

watched me

as my heart melted,

stared at me

like a butcher at his  prey,

O he saluted me,saluted me

touched me O he touched me,

a senseless lusting elephant

no goad could hold back.

Salute and touch,

and touch again he did,

but believe me, friend,

I still think he is not really

a fool by nature

*My Explanation to this poem*

1st stanza just like Hurricane torn the heart of the poet mostly geographically,bodily by HER Beauty, poet cut through by pieces and She is brutally kind and showered all that Her blossoms upon the poet.OH!

2nd stanza—–poet requested The Queen not to open Her Treasure HE has etherised and failed to smell the language  she disobey this dead.

3rd stanza    But she refused She opens HER breast and wanted a shadow She was corrupt but fertile like moon with her  spotted marks, lotus born only by her effort and her walk is as a fallen feather.

4th& 5th stanza——HER search bounds no limit.Only to caught HIM and to open the play By billion and billion of stars.

6th stanza——She now moved by HIM as SHE found a FATHER

7 & 8 The last stanza—–She saluted me but MOTHER never forget HER urge. And believe or not FATHER is wise person to persue.


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