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My Splitting (“MY LIFE” The warrior poet “Ramdhari Singh Dinkar” )

July 6, 2015

Just a little atom of water is me, or a boatman

I am just a shade, in a deep slumber

It is innocent to speak when war broke,

a coward also hold armstrong.

Eyelid  also in a good look,

Time never attempts to be doom,

He face all these challenge.

Though Nails cut give Him an alert.

I never succumbed to lust,

never bow down to unjust,

I am Father          to carry the load,

Know,     Usefulness is always honest,

poison is the cause to,

The trouble whether a big or a small.

OH! what a digging of nails are these

Can Human             able to kept HIS words?

When Human push the rest

Mountain come to Muhammad,

When human give Their effort

stone also speak then  a kind bird.

Power have fast move one to another

Which is in MOTHER womb,

This is as colorful        as the color the mehndi,

Light      is in between,

A Night where there is no lamp

Splitting forget to  happens.


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