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July 6, 2015

1. When Rahim is along with wealth                           become THE poor!

In desert who give Him water                                   is His      true friend.

2. In Chitrakoot RAM is in a rest                                 Mind is His King of the ignorant

Where world is in trouble                                       earth regain HER  strength.

3. Distance is not a concern                                      Rahim learnt this by His Heart

Near is only too far                                                Which are a deep drops.

4. Mind is in blue to Rahim                                       searching is a just need

Now wise may only say                                        I’m too child.

5. Mind may in danger                                            But footed Him sunrise to sunset

Mom good and evil are here                               but to stardust is His goal.

6. Mind please keep a glass of water by bed         Without water you may die

Water may miss                                                 but you never failed to Choose AN Human

7 Time is The better preacher                              HE has patient Hear

In the stage Dushasan enters                          Bhim give him the winning challenge.

8. Rahim has no interest                                      between a  gain and a loss

Please keep your word                                      no matter is i am lost or win.

9 Rahim has not KnoW HE is Good or bad          He Knows  it is too difficult

From the guard He take His pass                     His movement    are      too slow.

10. RAHIM is a good Human                               HE is not a foe but your friend

Time digging nails in HIS all slot                     But His move is against the wind.


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