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Note on poetry

June 23, 2015

A land limitless sky grass cow man and woman child and old lunatic and kind thought or illusion eerie or shine vulgar and temple mixes can mixes into blood may believe Omar Khayam  William Shakespeare  Rabindranath Tagore Whitman  is standing in front of you at the other bank of Their music as  lu shun but i never escaped from love which is irresistible without mind color rich poor sick and a lover has always think for a meeting point goal to achieve earnest is beautiful courageous never thought a death as lorka benzamine molaise poet is not a lyricist he also thought maker also a executive to draw a vision a road to access all of these path goer.

Mind is as fleeting as kalidasa’s swaan pure pure of mother if she never did care a child if so sorry mum you are body not the blood a splinter of fire dies without oxygen and poet mourns for the child a funeral chanting has heard from all the mosque church synagogue gurudwara and temple so as to you father you are a  horse i know but a care also have an urge from an poetess she is alone as you the  poet your chorus has gave birth always and all the reader are eager for display of that book.


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