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Para VI From story of farm house

Para VI From story of farm house.

Para VI From story of farm house

Oh! Rose, what a  color!

A blossoming with ecstasy

In heart Rose you, like a fire

body mixes by a poison.


A murder scene may follow

when plucking  thee.



All the maturities turn a bending to earth

being weights from the fruits.

Very dear to us, my land

is my space where all the mensuration

of accounts, good works,loves,feelings



In the forest, there are colors of carnival

Hunting is costing pain

Sun’s watch is running

in earth’s chest

You are very dear to me

my earth

a wrestling ground,a dear’s eye

a tie

with my love.







Well,how r you?

OK, your works?

In a slow pace

O! O! Red wine?

No no ,my poem,drawing!

OK,How r the Madam?

Busy with the minds treatment,

she is improving a lot.

I think quiet flaws the Don.

Well, now I am going towards

          my village home,

bought there a agricultural land.

With well wishes,good night!

shall cultivate a special variety


It will nourishing

good to talk to you

Thank you.







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